Siberia snus is the most extreme snus for you who wants an intense snus experience. Siberia snus has a nicotine level of up to 43mg/g which makes Siberia to one of the strongest snus in the world. It can be compared with a traditional snus which has a nicotine level of around 8mg/g, which means that Siberia snus is 5 times stronger. This strong snus is not fort he beginners and is not recommended to people who are sensitive to nicotine.

Well, we made it through a long, cold winter and spring is finally here! I know, for many it begins the countdown to summer, but spring is a beautiful time of year! Everything is coming back to life, the flowers are in bloom, and there’s a wonderful feeling in the air. When the new season hits, there are certain types of snus products I like to reach for, mainly ones with outdoorsy and floral flavors. If you’re looking for some good flavors to pair with the season, look no further. Today, we’re going to dive into the top 5 flavors for the spring season!


#1 - Lundgren's Norrland White Description: “A white portion snus from Lundgrens with medium strong kicks and a nuanced flavor of light tobacco, spruce tips and mountain flowers!”

Why it made the list: I love this snus in the spring and in the summertime. Opening a can is a lot like walking through the forest, because you’ll notice a beautiful floral presence but also characteristics of spruce and pine. If you’re like me and enjoy being outdoors, this is a must try.  It’s also, in my opinion, the best product in the Lundgren’s family. Just throwing that out there!


#2 - Göteborgs Rapé White Description: “The flavor of juniper berry and lavender has become a signature flavor for snus, and Göteborgs Rapé White Portion still is the most popular snus in Sweden today.”

Why it made the list: GR is, without a doubt, one of the best products on the market. I use it year round, but I find myself using it a bit more when the flowers are in bloom. The flavor is predominantly juniper, yes, but there’s also a nice presence of flowers in the mix that add a lot to the flavor profile. If you haven’t had GR yet, it’s one you’ll want to make sure to put on your next list.


#3 - The Lab 06 Description: “This discreet and slim original portion snus from The Lab delivers extra strong nicotine kicks together with a dark and nuanced tobacco flavor!”

Why it made the list: I’ve had Lab 06 in my rotation ever since I first started using snus. Not many products have stayed in my mix since the first time I tried them, but Lab 06 is one of them. It’s one of the only extra strong products I use, as well. I like the dark tobacco base on this one, but I also really enjoy the woodsy, floral elements to this one, too. It’s a great one to use when you’re outdoors!


#4 - One Lila Description: “This white portion snus from One delivers strong kicks together with a tasty flavor of violet and salmiak over a spicy tobacco blend!”

Why it made the list: I greatly enjoy licorice snus. But, a licorice snus that is quite underrated is One Lila. This one has that nice, tasty black licorice flavor that I enjoy, but it also blends in the flavor of violet! The floral component of this one really makes it stand out, and it also serves as a beautiful pairing to the black licorice flavor profile.


#5 - Vårgårda Blom Description: “Vårgårda Blom: A medium strong white portion snus with a nuanced flavor of light tobacco, chamomile, white roses & gooseberry!”

Why it made the list: This is a relatively new one. This one is made by the folks that make LD Snus, which I’ve loved for a long, long time now. The Vårgårda series is rooted in the world of gastronomy, but this particular one really has a nice tea/floral presence to it. At first, I didn’t think much of it, but over time it grew on me a lot. I find it to be a great snus to use when you’re outdoors enjoying the beautiful spring weather!

The Bottom Line

And there you have it, the top 5 snus products I recommend for the Spring of 2023! From outdoorsy flavors to woodsy flavors to floral flavors, there’s something for everyone in this list. There’s a mix of old products, and new products, but there’s something for everyone to check out.  If you’re looking for something to try out and enjoy when you’re outdoors, this list is a great starting point!